WhatsApp Gold APK v_2024 Download the Latest Version For Free


Download WhatsApp Gold APK Latest version V2024 for andriod and enjoy its various features including gold color, different background effects, more sending files option, and many more.
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android version 5.0 +

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If you are bored of using traditional Whatsapp and want to have some cool features, then WhatsApp Gold is for you. You can download the latest version of the application by clicking on the download button. The APK file Gold WhatsApp is totally safe and secure as we have tested and checked the application on our system.

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Introducing WhatsApp Gold APK 2024

Mobile phones have changed the fate of humanity ever since they were invented. It has totally transformed the way of communication. WhatsApp is one of the safest and most secure ways to communicate with your loved ones. More than a billion people are now using WhatsApp all around the world. Because of its huge success and publicity, developers have come up with a variety of unique versions of this app to assist people even more. WhatsApp Gold is one of them.
This version of WhatsApp comes in Golden color instead of green and with a lot of new features. This modified mod can be installed in Androids, PC, and also in OiS. This version of WhatsApp is the most popular and is used by millions of people. It offers all the original WhatsApp app features along with some more facilities. It allows you to chat, send voice notes, and do audio and video calls. Along with this, it also allows you to send different formats of files like PowerPoint, Excel, MS Word, and PDFs.

WhatsApp Gold APK V2024 Download Latest Version For Free

And the best part is, that it is all free. You don’t have to spend any kind of money to get all these extra features. It has a very user-friendly interface which makes it better than the rest of the versions. You can totally trust the security of this app. It is completely safe and secure like the original WhatsApp app. In fact, here you will have more features and fun content than the original app. It doesn’t matter if your device is rooted or non-rooted, it will still work best for you.
WhatsApp Gold was created by Abu Arab to benefit people with an advanced and modified version of WhatsApp. Many people believe that this version is better than the original app. The app’s cool design and other free unique features attract people and make this app so eye-catching. The greatest benefit of this app is its privacy and security policy. You can hide the read information and stop the blue bits from showing when you read the messages. It also notifies you when someone views your status.
When you share a video or picture with someone in the original WhatsApp, its quality is reduced and it looks kind of blurred. Well, that really annoys us sometimes because most of the time video or photo sharing is done with WhatsApp. This problem has been solved with the app’s most popular version, WhatsApp Gold. It keeps the quality unchanged after you share the video with someone. It doesn’t matter how high-resolution a video or image you are sending, it won’t change. Moreover, it has a very user-friendly interface. You won’t find any trouble using this app. You just install this on your device and start using it. I am sure it will give you a better experience than the original WhatsApp app.

Why Should You Download the WhatsApp Gold App?

WhatsApp Gold is one of the best-modified versions of the WhatsApp app. It provides you with a safe and secure platform to share your moments with your loved ones. It allows you to use features that are not even in the original app. You can change the background image of all its screens and applications. In addition to this, you can also design your own icons in your preferred colors for each group. This version has a typeface for the entire program without any limitations on font size. You can get as creative as you can. This app is a lot more fun than the original app.
In the WhatsApp app you can write status with no more than 130 characters and with WhatsApp Gold you can make it up to 255 characters. It allows you to write more stuff so that you won’t let anything out. The most fascinating feature of this app is that you can see if someone is talking to the other person without entering his personal page. You can see if they are connected by looking right below their names. Moreover, you can change the background color and theme of the app. You can make the app appear in whatever way you want. There is a variety of different colors that you can choose.
Sometimes people do annoying things like deleting messages before we have read them. In the original WhatsApp, you can’t see the message after it is deleted. But with WhatsApp Gold, you can see what your buddy just deleted. It will no longer be a secret and you can easily find out what has been deleted.
One of the life-saving features of this amazing app is that you can set a timetable for a message to send someone. You can write a private message for a specific day and time and send it to a selected contact or group. It will automatically be sent to that person at a fixed time. There are many more and better features in this version that you can utilize for free. We have provided you with a link by which you can download this app for free. Just click the link above and download it right now and have fun using this fantastic app.

What Are the Key Features of WhatsApp Gold?

  • It is totally safe and secure like the original WhatsApp app.
  • Auto-reply is available to benefit you when you are busy to reply yourself.
  • The anti-revoke mod is available. With this Mod you can now read the unsent messages.
  • A wide range of different languages are available.
  • You can hide your presence for higher privacy.
  • You can now write longer status with up to 255 characters instead of 130 characters.
  • You can change the app’s color any time you want.
  • This version allows you to send 90 images at once instead of 30 images.
  • It provides more than one way to lock your app and chats.
  • You can plan a message for your contacts by setting a timer, after which it will be sent automatically.
  • It is very easy to use because of its user-friendly interface.
  • It won’t reduce the quality of your video or image when you send them.
  • A wide range of unique fonts are available.
  • It is safe and secure.
  • Free to download and use.
  • And many more.

Steps to Download and Install WhatsApp Gold

  1. It is so easy to download and install this app on your Android device. First of all, set your media files and messages to back up before you uninstall the original WhatsApp app.
  2. After that, you need to download the APK file by clicking on the link that is given above on this website.
  3. Since it is a third-party app, you will have to enable the Unknown Source on your phone. Go to your Phone’s security settings to allow it.
  4. After the APK file is downloaded, you will find it in the Download Manager of your phone. Now, go to Download Manager and open the file you just downloaded and click on Install.
  5. Installation may take a few seconds depending on your internet speed. After that, open the app.
  6. The app will ask you to agree with its terms and policy. You should click on “Agree and continue” and proceed.
  7. After that, put your phone number in when it asks you to and tap on “Copy WhatsApp Data”. This will start the backup process.
  8. Click on the Restore button and you will have your old data back. You can now continue chatting while enjoying other amazing features.


If you are tired of using the old boring WhatsApp, then you should check this out. It will make your chatting very fun and exciting. All the cool features in WhatsApp Gold will inspire you to keep using it. It will surely make it worth installing. So just go ahead and click on the download button given on this website and get the app right away. I hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any kind of questions, then let us know in the comment section below.


How can I update WhatsApp Gold?

WhatsApp Gold is a third-party app, so you will not find it in Play Store. In order to update it, you will have to uninstall the old version and reinstall it from a third-party app source like this website.

Can I use both WhatsApp Gold and the original WhatsApp app?

The answer would be no. You can’t use both the application on the same device. You will need to uninstall the original WhatsApp to install its version.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Gold instead of the original WhatsApp?

It is completely safe to use this app. It has the best privacy and security policy just like the original WhatsApp.

Is it safe to install it from this website?

Yes, you can totally trust this website. This is the safest third-party app source that you can find online.

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