Traffic Escape! Fully Guide for Beginners


Traffic Escape! is a fun game for people who want to have a game for critical thinking and increase their brain excerise.
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We are excited about the Traffic Escape and its ability to bring fun to your life. If you want to learn all the hacks, tips, and user guides for beginners for the Traffic Escape then you are in the right place. Here, we will provide you with all the details, tips, and suggestions about the game.

The Traffic Escape is a fun game that was introduced by FOMO Games. The main objective of the game is to escape your car from the traffic. You will find your car stuck in a wide range of cars and it is now your responsibility to bring your car out of that mess. With the game fun time, while playing this game, you also get a chance to learn and polish your driving skills. At least you start thinking about what should you do if your car in the real scenario is stuck in such a situation.

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What is a Traffic Escape! ?

Well, the traffic escape is simple yet fun and challenging at the same time. It is a game that was introduced by the FOMO games. It is available for Android, iOS, and PC. You can easily download it for any operating system and then install the game to get to the fun part.

When starting the game, you might think it is very easy as you can easily escape your car from the traffic. But believe me, the game is not as easy as it seems to be in the first couple of levels. As you progress through the game, you will face a lot of challenges and start thinking about how to escape. If you think you are smart enough and your brain works fast, then try the game and challenge yourself. We believe you are gonna scratch your head, think a lot, and maybe give up at some point. But if you pass all the challenges, and cheer you are a genius.

How to play the Escape Traffic Game?

Well, the idea of the Traffic Escape is very simple. All you need is to take all the cars and avoid traffic jams. There are instructions in the form of an arrow shown on each of the cars which shows the direction of the car. If the arrow is toward the north, that means we have to take that car towards the north. Here are a few steps which you can follow to start the game.

  1. Open the game and start the level 1.
  2. You will see a road and a few cars on that road.
  3. Every car has an arrow directing in some direction
  4. This arrow on the car shows which direction we have to take the car.
  5. If the direction of the car shows towards north, and we take the car towards south, we will not be able to finish the level.
  6. We have to make sure we have traveled in the same direction
  7. Click on the car and the road so that it will go through that path.

Example of Traffic Escape Game

We will take an example of any level in the game to understand how it works. Let us see the following screen shot which is taken from level 6.

traffic escape download

As you can see, we have a road with various possible directions and a few cars on the road. The direction of the car is given and because of are other cars on the road, there is a traffic jam. Our main goal is to start taking the cars in their proper directions by pushing them towards the direction where they are going. While doing that, we have to make sure that we are not crushing the cars. Once we clear the traffic jam, we will move toward the next level.

Tips and Suggestions for the beginners

As we mentioned earlier we will be guiding you through this article and giving you some useful tips that you can easily follow to clear the traffic jam and go to the next levels. The game is fun and we believe, you are going to enjoy the game as it will force you to think and make proper decisions.

Boss level in Traffic Escape

The most fun and challenging part of the game is the boss level where you will stuck in tons of cars and you are not required to clear the road and the traffic jam. This level needs a lot of critical thinking. So, when you are in the boss level, take a deep breath and start clearing the cars that are outside the traffic. Try to make a road or space for others.

The good thing about this level is that there are power boosters which will help you to clear the traffic jams so don’t forget to use them as well.

Coins in the game

You will get coins as you progress in the game. Each level has a fixed amount of coins and you will receive them as a reward only if you manage to finish the level. Apart from that, you will also receive some extra coins for when you finish the boss level or challenge mode. So, take a risk, and go for the boss level and challenge mode to earn more coins.

What are daily missions?

To keep in the game and for daily practice, there are some daily challenges that you can follow. Every day, there will be a new challenge and you are required to complete that challenge within 24 hours. These daily missions are great if you need to earn a lot of coins. Just go for the daily challenges and earn as many coins as you want.

How to remove the ads from the traffic game?

Well, unfortunately, if you are using the free version you will come across the ads in the traffic escape. These ads are usually for only 10 seconds when you start the game. There are two methods to get rid of the ads.

  1. Pay for the ads and purchase the premium version of the game
  2. If you don’t want to spend money, then turn off the wifi when you are playing the game so that you will not be shown any ads anymore.


The Traffic Escape as the name suggests is a fun game that requires critical thinking from the users to clear the road and avoid any traffic jam. The game has many challenging levels which start with the simple ones and as you progress, you start getting challenges.

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