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Foxy Modz MLBB MOD helps you to get access to menu cameras, menu shows, menu aimbots, menu hacks, and many more.
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Foxy Modz
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We are back with another amazing tool for MLBB. This tool is known as Foxy Modz ML and it is the latest version v3.6. The Foxy Modz MLLB APK contains menu cameras, menu shows, menu hacks, and many more. If you are truly a fan of MLBB then you will enjoy this amazing tool. In this article, we will discuss how we can use the Foxy Modz APK version and will learn about various features.

As we know, the MLBB is getting popular day by day and attracting many people towards itself. Many people and companies are creating different modz and injectors so that players can access some cool features of MLBB. Similarly, the Foxy Modz is an ML injector that will help you to access free drone views, effects, emotes, free skins, and many other important free features.

Download the updated version of the application by clicking on the download button and enjoy the free features that this application provides. We hope you will like this injector and enjoy its free features. If you have any questions or if the download fails, please let us know. We will try our best to help you.

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Introducing MLBB Injector – Foxy Modz MLBB?

A number of built-in cheats, including menu cameras, menu shows, menu aimbots, menu hacks, etc., are included in the Foxy Modz MLBB MOD. Almost all of the fundamental and necessary components are included for free. Users can benefit from a tonne of free items in this way. Have you been missing out on all these amenities in the real game? If so, have a look at this deal. Thousands of ML followers use it bravely despite it being unofficial. It is Android software that enables you to use all the features without paying any money. Download Foxy Modz Apk newest version to your smart device to experience the game with all features unlocked.

Foxy Modz MLBB v3.6 APK Download Latest Version for Andriod

If you enjoy playing online games, you should be familiar with Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), one of the best Mobile Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. It is a popular online game of battle and survival. This updated version tends to benefit all players that lack premium resources or fundamental abilities. This shortcut is available to aid you if you are exerting a lot of effort but not making any noticeable progress. It is also a charming, straightforward, and uncomplicated Android app. Its biggest advantage is the abundance of free resources. Sincerity be told, immersing yourself in the game is a lot of fun. Because of this, many players take these free gifts even if they are not a long-term or ideal answer.

Free Features of Foxy Modz MLBB

Gaming enthusiasts dislike poor-quality games. Foxy Modz prioritizes removing all constraints, even those related to expenses and online shopping. Apart from giving access to free skins, emotes, and effects, there are a number of other features that include in this application. Here we will go through some of them:

Free to Download and Use

One of the important features of Foxy Modz is that it is totally free to use. Either you are downloading it or injecting it into the ML, you don’t need to pay for anything. Another important feature that takes this application to the next level is that this application is totally safe. We downloaded this application on our phone and used it. There is no risk of using the application on your phone.

Easily Unlock ML skins

We know that the Foxy ML injector is known for its access to free skins in MLBB. The most important thing is that this application makes it even much easier to access free skins. The user-friendly interface of the application helps the user to select any kind of skin they want.

Foxy modx skin

These are just a few free skins shown in the figure.

Drone Camera

Being MLBB players, we all want to have an amazing drone view where we can see everything from the top. This helps us to analyze the game and see every movement in the game. The drone camera of the Foxy ML injector is next level.

drone view of foxy ml injector

As you can see the drone view. You can change the direction and see in 360 with the help of this drone view.

Player Menu Show

The player menu show feature of the application is next level. We know how crucial it is to track and keep an eye on your enemy. And in MLBB, it becomes difficult to keep an eye on the movement of the enemy because we are busy with other staff as well. Well, with the help of the Foxy ML injector, it becomes much easier to see the location of your enemy which will help you to know when your enemy is going to attack you. The player shown on the menu helps you to locate the position of your enemy which helps you to make plans accordingly to fight with them.


With the help of ESPs, you can quickly seize the initiative and decimate your opponent with game points. The main target of the MLBB game is to fight with enemies and defeat them. So, the ESP feature of the injector is here to help you to defeat your enemy.

Auto-aim Feature

This feature is just waw. While playing the game, how many times it happened that we missed the target because the aim was not foes? Well, this problem is also solved with the auto-aim feature of the application. Now, even if you missed the target, with the auto-aim feature of the Foxy Modz Injector, you will never miss any target as it automatically points to the target. All you need to do is to activate the auto-aim feature and then the rest will be done automatically.

Supports Unrooted Devices

You might be thinking, you don’t have a root device and don’t have access to root, so how are you gonna download and install the application? Well, the Foxy Modz ML injector does not care whether you have a rooted device or not. You can install the APK file on unrooted devices as well.

Fixes All Bugs

You are bored of getting and fixing bugs and tired of it. No worries, now the Foxy ML injector will fix all the bugs for you without any custom efforts.

Small Size

One of the biggest problems with other ML injectors that have awesome features has large size. The good thing about this application is that even with such amazing and many features, the Foxy injector is small in size and can be downloaded easily even if your internet connection is not good.

New Weapons Available

If you are bored of using old weapons to fight with enemies and you see that your enemies are using new and superpower weapons and it becomes difficult for you to defeat your enemy with old weapons. Again, you will find many new and powerful weapons in the Foxy ML injector which will help you to easily overtake your enemy.

So, show your power by using the latest and new weapons and surprise your enemies.

No Ads

I personally don’t want to see popup ads when playing games or whenever I opened any application. It is very annoying to have popup ads on the application. The good news about the Foxy Modz APK version is that there are no ads which mean you can play the game in peace without closing the popup ads.

Summary of Important Features

  • Easily unlock the ML skins
  • Best Drone camera. 360-angle view.
  • You can locate the position of your enemy with the player shown on the menu.
  • With the ESPs, you may quickly seize the initiative and decimate your opponent with game points.
  • You won’t ever miss the target thanks to the auto-aim features, which will automatically aim at foes.
  • It will support unrooted devices.
  • It fixes all the bugs.
  • Small in size.
  • New weapons are available.
  • Completely free of Ads.

Foxy Modz MLBB review

We tried the Foxy Modz and were quite pleased. All of the functions are free and it truly did work extremely well. You will be ready to win games and enhance your gameplay with this mod APK. We adore the skins that are offered in this software since they give you a more polished and traditional player appearance. Additionally, every feature is fantastic and aids in your victory over adversaries. It is also secure and simple to use. Users can access a wide range of premium features through Foxy Modz without having to pay for them. Through this software, players may effortlessly change the game’s settings and eliminate vicious adversaries with little effort. Additionally, the likelihood of winning is increased by this helpful program, making it an excellent tool.

Be the last person standing on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang battlefield by more easily tracking and killing your foes. Numerous players utilize it because of its exceptional services and they often refer it to their fellow ML players. Additionally, Foxy Modz has a tonne of brand-new features like auto-attack, auto-heal, auto-defense, etc. The jobs for combatants are further made simple by its outstanding graphics and maps. The game may be played in various modes thanks to the excellent design. Depending on one’s comfort level, one can select any of the several modes. Warriors are able to assemble a squad, communicate with teammates, and aid in their understanding of the entire fight scene. They can pre-prepare and communicate the plan in this way. These features drive players insane and force them to participate in the game.

How to Download Foxy Modz MLBB?

We know that the Foxy Modx provides amazing free features that help you to enjoy the MLBB game. Here we will go through some of its main features. Download the application by following the given steps.

  1. Firstly, click on the link above to download the APK file from this website. This will take some time to load and then you will be asked to click on the file name to start the download. Depending on the size of the file and your internet connection, it can take time (up to minutes) to complete the download process.
  2. Once the download is complete, you can go to your phone’s security settings and enable an unknown source. The reason for enabling the setting is to let the phone install the applications that are installed by a third party ( which means any application that is installed outside Play Store, you need to enable this option). If this option is already enabled, then you don’t need to enable it again.
  3. Now go to the download file (which will be inside the download folder). Click on the file and then select the install. If you haven’t enabled the third-party installation yet, you will be asked to enable the settings in order to start the installation.
  4. The installation will take a few seconds depending on your internet speed.
  5. And it has been done. You can now open the app on your device and enjoy it.

Final Words About Foxy ML Injector

A unique app that lets players manage the game is Foxy Modz MLBB. It offers numerous ways to unlock all the required tools. To defend their heroes, they can purchase painted skins, characters, safety helmets, and other accessories. The outcome of the participants is greatly influenced by the moderator. They are able to defend themselves well while fighting in a calm and comfortable atmosphere. It is the most dependable app and has a tonne of amazing built-in features. Undoubtedly, by utilizing its excellent capabilities, you can control the game and quickly eliminate even professional players. So, act quickly and download the app from this page to start playing.


Now we will go through some of the questions that most people asked about Fozxy Modz on Google. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment below:

Is Foxy Modz MLBB free to use?

The answer is Yes. It is completely free to use. You can download it from our website.

Is Foxy Modz MLBB safe to use?

Well, this is a third-party app that can be risky to use. I would say it is not 100% safe.

Are there any ads in this application?

The straightforward answer is no. There are no popup ads in this application which makes it even more awesome.

Can we locate the location of the enemy with Foxy Modz?

Yes, the Player button in the main menu helps you to see the location of the enemy.


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