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If you are a new user of the Free Fire game you might have noticed that you cannot get access to many features and it seems to be boring as other players can access some of the pro features but you cannot. You either have to buy those premium features or boost your ranking and reach there which takes more time and hard work. But wait, now you don’t need to worry about that as we are presenting you the new version of ff tools headshot which can help you to get access to those premium features for free.

The ff tools headshot is now available for Android users which you can download for free and get access to some of the amazing features. Go to the download section which is on the top of the page and install the APK file without any risk.

One of the best sides of the APK file, ff tools headshot pro version 2.4 is that it has an auto-head shot option available through which you can kill your enemies with a headshot from long range. In this post about the ff tools Pro auto headshot, we will discuss its various features and how to use it effectively.

What is FF Tools Headshot APK Pro?

The ff tools headshot is another cool injector for the Free Fire game which is available for free and it helps the new players to get access to the premium features for free. Don’t wait until someone else got the chance and kills you. Your biggest chance to be one of the great players is here as we are presenting a new version of ff tools headshot pro. This tool will especially build for the new players to make them pro players.

Some of the cool features that are available to you once you install the APK file are free skins, battle emotes, all ESPs, many hacks, and many other amazing features. Notice that these features cannot be accessed for free if you are not using this tool or any other Free Fire injectors like RK Gaming VIP Injector and DarkSide Free Fire Mod Menu.

Now no need to get the same skin for all the battles. The new version of FF Tools Headshot APK Pro is here to get you equipped with cool skins like battle skins, colored skins, rainbow skins, and many more. With just one click on the unlock button, and you will have all these skins available for free.

The feature for which the tool is known is its auto-headshot capacity. Pro players always use their headshot skills to kill their opponents. This is now your time to rule the FF game with the auto-headshot feature. This feature will help you to kill your enemy from a large range by shooting them in the head. With the installation of the tool, you are going to be the next king of the Free Fire game with all the premium features available to you.

Install the application now and access these all features. Click on the download button, wait till the download is complete, and open the file to install. Once the installation is complete, you are good to go with the premium features of the Free Fire game.

Our Thoughts on FF Tools Headshot Pro APK

The first thing that matters a lot is the safety and security. We have found the FF Tools Pro version to be safe and secure as there are no bugs or errors in this application. You can directly download and install the application without any fear.

The best part of the tool is that it not only supports the auto-headshot feature, but it also provides many other cool and premium features as well. Some of which are water walk, wall seen, invisibility, and many others.

We will highly recommend this tool for new players who are excited to use some of the premium features to kill their opponents and enjoy the game.

What Are the Features of FF Tools Pro Auto-headshot APK?

Let us now jump directly into the section on features and discuss all the possible features that can be accessed with the installation of the application.

  • All skins are available for free
  • Battle skins
  • Rainbow skins
  • Colored skins
  • Free to download and install
  • No risk to security and safety
  • No bugs and errors
  • Drone view with high-resolution camera
  • The drone camera can be rotated
  • Health information of the opponent
  • Snipper location
  • Map hacks
  • Location of your enemy
  • Invisibility feature
  • Can see behind the wall
  • Can run over water
  • Flying hack
  • Now, you can fly by car or bike
  • Auto head-shot to kill the opponent player
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple to use and activate hacks
  • No registration is required for new users
  • No ads which makes this tool one of the best tools
  • It supports both rooted and unrooted devices
  • Full optimization
  • More customizations
  • Mode menu
  • All ESPs
  • And many more features for free

How to Install and Use FF Tools Headshot APK On Android Phone.

Here are a few steps which you can follow to download, install and use the FF Tools Headshot APK on your Android phone for free.

  1. Click on the download button
  2. Wait for the link to be generated
  3. Click on the download link
  4. Go to the settings of the phone and enable the third-party installation
  5. Open the download folder and click on the APK file
  6. Click on Install and wait till the installation is complete
  7. Congratulations on the installation of the application
  8. Finally, the wait is over, open the game with the installed APK file
  9. Click on the new icon and activate all the hacks you want to activate


The APK file of FF Tools Headshot is yet another tool for the Free Fire lover which is going to surprise you with its unique and cool features. When we use the injector, we were not believing in its abilities and uniqueness. It has all the features that we need to compete with the pro players. Download the file and enjoy these features for free.

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