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Download and install the temple run 2 updated version on Android phone and play the game for free and offline
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Welcome users and friends. We were here with the most downloaded and user-friendly game which you can find in Play Store as well. The updated version of Temple Run 2 and the user guide for beginners to enjoy the game. This game is very useful for children as it will keep them busy and you can do your stuff as well. But at the same time, many adults are also addicted to the game. Once you played the game, you will always want to return and play again. In this article, we will discuss how to download, install, and use the Temple Run 2 for free of cost. Moreover, if you are annoyed by ads, we will also learn how you can remove ads from the free version of the game.

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How to play Temple Run 2 on an Android Phone?

The idea of Temple Run 2 is very simple. All you need is to run from a monster that is chasing you. While running you have to follow the special path. In this path, you will face a lot of hurdles and you need to pass them without stopping. If you stop, the monster will catch you and you are done, the game is over. The hurdles may be fires, stones, blocked roads, etc.

On the other hand, as you start running you also get chances to collect coins as you go along the road. so, make sure you collect these coins as you go along the road.

Is the Temple Run 2 endless?

This is the most curious question someone will ask. Because, as you start running, you might have noticed that there is no ending to the game. Then the question would be is the temple run 2 really endless? The answer is yes, Temple Run 2 is considered to belong to the endless games. This means once you start the game, the game is only over once the monster catches you, otherwise you can collect as many coins as you want to and run through the street.

How to play Temple Run offline on an Android Phone?

You can either play the game online in any web browser or you can download the game and play offline as well. The game is available for Android, iOS, PC, and laptops. You can download the APK file for Android from our website. Once downloaded, please install the file and open the game. You don’t need the internet to play the game. If the installation is successful, then you can open the game and play the Temple Run 2 without any internet.

What makes the Temple Run 2 so popular?

Yes, you are right. The game is very popular and on the Google Play Store, there are more than 1 billion downloads which is crazy. Although, the game does not have such levels or anything. It is just an endless game where you are supposed to escape from the monster that is chasing you.

We believe, because of its simplicity and endless escape, this game is very popular. It has good graphics, a simple menu, and simple play as well.

Is Temple Run 2 safe for kids?

Yes, the game is considered to be safe for kids. Mainly the game is developed for kids. If you want your kids to play some game which helps them to grow mentally. Then go for the temple run as it will make them busy without negatively affecting them.

What is the story of the Temple Run game?

Well, the story of the temple run game is very straight forward. You steal some gold from the temple and then escape from the monsters who are now chasing you to get their gold back. So, your task is to run as much as you can and collect coins. The higher you score, the better you are in escaping. But while playing make sure that there is no end of the game.


Download temple run 2 game and learn some facts about the game. In this article, we tried to discuss some of the important facts and figures about the game. Read the article and let us know if you like the game or not.

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